The Most Popular Spring Destinations


It’s that time of year again, time for all you out there with the travel itch to get moving and see some new or some familiar places. Spring break is extremely popular for people to travel because of the increasing good weather and not quite being in full swing of tourist season yet for many destinations. You can go somewhere to relax, enjoy spring break from school, explore something for the new year, and so much more. But what places are the best for this time of year? Here are some of the most popular spring destinations.

Cancun, Mexico

If you don’t mind some busy touring of a travel area, Cancun is an excellent and popular choice for springtime exploration. There are tons of cheaper deals for travel and booking due to how many spring break folk come here, and endless opportunities for entertainment as well as gorgeous beaches to check out.


Island lovers can flock to Jamaica for some great food, drinking, and overall good times during spring season. There are plenty of resorts and hotels that can have space for travelers as well as gorgeous beaches. And you can stay in different areas depending on your preference to relax or party and explore while there.


Punta Cana

Dominican Republic destination Punta Cana has loads of more interactive activities like volleyball, games, and kayaking as well as intensive resorts that will provide your every need without even having to leave hotel grounds while traveling. It’s perfect for those that are nervous about traveling and want to stay close to their hotels.

Daytona Beach

To avoid the hustle and bustle of beach destinations in the United States like Miami, trying a place like Daytona Beach can be excellent ways to relax for cheap with just as much to offer but less crowding and craze. Daytona has lots of very affordable food and stay as well as some fun rentals for the beach like jet skis and plenty more.


Canada’s destinations are often much more loved as spring starts to hit and temperatures rise, and Montreal is one of the more popular options here. Interesting streets lead to lovely parks and gardens in the city as well as local museums and more. If you want an introduction to Canada, this could be a perfect place.

Sydney, Australia

If you’ve always wanted to see Australia or have been before and enjoyed it, traveling to Sydney and other popular cities in the country is actually best during March through May. It’s the down time for tourist season in Australia, which means you get just as good experiences with much less people around and possibly lower prices too!


Determining what option is best for spring travel comes down to a few choice factors. Being so early in the season means it’s important to consider pricing and accessibility considering many spring break travelers are in school and can’t afford much as well as popularity of the area for that time of year. However, be sure to also note local guidelines and travel requirements before making a decision to travel abroad this spring. You can add these destinations to your bucket list or choose one for this travel season to enjoy some time away!

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