The Most Popular Fruits From Around the World


Fruits are great for your health and well being in life, they contain a great deal of nutrients and vitamins that many of us often miss out on or ignore in our daily diets. Fruits also taste really good, give our bodies a boost of glucose which is essential for many functions, and more. Think about what fruits you see every day in your local grocery stores or markets, and what ones you may purchase for your home. Each region has different available options depending on climate and pricing, so it can be quite interesting to think about this side of fruits. But what are most popular? Here are some of the most popular fruits from around the world.


First up in the list is tomatoes, which may seem surprising for many reasons. For one, most people don’t realize tomatoes are in fact considered fruits instead of vegetables. Secondly, we don’t realize how much tomatoes are in our lives and around our main dishes. From ketchup, to sauces for pasta and other dishes, to integral uses in cultural foods of all regions, and more; tomatoes earn their high spot in the world.


This fruit is packed with important vitamins including magnesium and Vitamin B6, and can be perfect for plain snacking on the go for people that want something healthy and easy to utilize. They have been around for so long that bananas gained their big spot in the most popular fruits of the world pretty easily. It also is partially due to their uses in frozen desserts and smoothies for creamy delicious treats.


Fan-favorite watermelons are popular in drinks for their specific sweetness and water content as well as general snacks for their nutrients and refreshing feeling. This fruit is predominately harvested and grown in China today, where millions of tons of watermelon are produced per year for use all around the world. Ancient Egyptians treasured watermelons so much they were in many Pharaohs’ tombs.


If you’ve ever had orange juice in your life, pretty likely of an occurrence, or seen how many different options are out there for oranges and their juices in your local supermarket; you probably get why this fruit made it so high on the list. Oranges are sweet and delicious, as well as having many great vitamins and nutrients with overall low caloric content that makes them a favorite for many different people.

Like we mentioned earlier, every area of the world has all different fruits that they may find more available or cheap to people that want to indulge in this food group which is already quite interesting to think about. But we can also take it a step further when we think about the actual popularity of the individual fruits and where they gained popularity the most. You can use this information to learn something new today, share with friends or family, have some fun facts to tell others, and more. But no matter how you use it, we hope that this list of some of the most popular fruits from around the world was a good read for today.

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